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2014 Unit Evaluations

13 Jan 2014 Unit Evaluation Cadet Msn Brief

Prescott High cadets inspected by JROTC headquarters
Tamara Sone/The Daily Courier Prescott High School JROTC cadet 2nd Lt. Holly Beaupre, 16, works with Air Force JROTC Deputy Director Col. Greg C. Winn as he performs his inspection of the program’s uniform and equipment room.
Tamara Sone/The Daily Courier
Prescott High School JROTC cadet 2nd Lt. Holly Beaupre, 16, works with Air Force JROTC Deputy Director Col. Greg C. Winn as he performs his inspection of the program’s uniform and equipment room.

Tamara Sone
The Daily Courier

PRESCOTT - The Prescott High School Air Force Jr. Reserves Officer Training Corps. (JROTC) were ready for inspection on Monday as the class received a visit from program Deputy Director Col. Greg C. Winn.

Winn flew out from the Air Force JROTC headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala., to inspect five programs located throughout the state.

Air Force JROTC units undergo inspections from headquarters every three years, Winn said. Inspections consist of 27 items that include compliance of Department of Defense guidelines and Air Force regulations, as well as evaluations on instructor performance, equipment operation and maintenance, and support from school administration. 

The school's unit is just one of 863 programs throughout nine countries, according to Winn. More than 120,000 cadets participate in Air Force JROTC programs around the world. 

"I'm honored to have him here and have this inspection because I know how great our program is," cadet Master Sgt. Andrew Lawhead, 17, said. "We work really hard and I believe this is the greatest unit in the country, and getting that out there for people to see is great." 

When it came to the organization and record keeping of the program's logistics room, the unit passed with "flying colors," Winn said. 

"I was nervous, but we spent quite a while preparing and double checking our inventory," cadet 2nd. Lt. Holly Beaupre said. "I'm was confident in our room back here." 

According to Winn, 96 percent of the units pass inspection, with 45 percent of the units earning an "exceeds standards" score. 

"This unit has a reputation of only earning 'exceeds standards' and they are on track today," Winn said. "I can't tell you yet if they are going to be an 'exceeds standards,' but my guess is that they will by how good they are doing so far." 

In addition to bragging rights, receiving an "exceeds standards" score allows program advisors to nominate cadets for military academies, program instructor Lt. Col. Bill DeKemper said. 

"To go to the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy or West Point you have to go to a congressmen and get a recommendation," DeKemper said. "If we are a distinguished unit, we can actually nominate directly from here for our cadets." 

As a result of the unit's continued success in achieving high scores, program instructors were able to nominate cadet Cmdr. Grant Temple for both the Naval and Air Force academies, Col. Denny Peeples said. 

The unit will officially be notified of their inspection score at the beginning of May, said Peeples, a program instructor. 

"They've done fantastic. They're knocking it out of the park right now," DeKemper said. "The cadets have been preparing for this for over a year."

Letter from Col (ret) Peeples to the staff of PHS: 14 Jan 2014


Yayyyy !!!! Your cadets hit a Grand Slam yesterday !!!! Please join me in congratulating your cadets on "Exceeding Standards" on their National Head Quarters AF JROTC inspection yesterday. 

Best in the state, no...best in the nation,no...best on three continents, in 9 nations ?? Well no.....

How about "well into the top 10 I have EVER SEEN" in the past decade!!! 

( Spoken by the Deputy Director of AFJROTC who,  for over 10 years,  has seen every inspection paperwork. )

From the greeting at 0705 to the Cadet Mission Brief to over 12,000 community service hours to the Wingman support program to the Las Fluentes "Connecting Generations" program to the Superintendent's Luncheon to the 30-step Drill demonstration to the almost 40 hybrid cadets from 9 schools to the perfect accounting of over $50,000 of computers/ uniforms, YOUR CADETS BLEW THE MOST EXPERIENCED JROTC LEADER AWAY !!!! "I knew Prescott JROTC was good, but it is overwhelming how much your cadets do."

Bill and I would like to personally thank all of you,  our 'village' , that have directly helped our cadets to be the best. Dozens of staff, parents, students (thank you StuCo) stopped and asked and cheered our cadets on to greater heights yesterday. Because of your support and encouragement, THEY PERFORMED TO A NEW LEVEL OF GREATNESS !!!

Your cadets do GREAT things,
Denny and Bill

ON this page you will find out why our unit is the #1 unit in the Nation for 11 straight years!