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This page includes information on the national Kitty Hawk honor society 

Initial cadre members of PHS Kitty Hawk Honor Society

  Commander(CC)KHHS: Toby Buettner

  Vice Commander(VC)KHHS: C/SrA Savanna James

The Kitty Hawk Honor society is a group of selected intelligent individuals that provide a way to honor our community with community service and group projects. The Kitty Hawk Honor Society is better then the rest and the kids that make up this group prove it with a 3.5 GPA or better. To make this  club grades are a serious part of the program and we all work hard to maintain the required 3.5 GPA. So far our Kitty Hawk Honor Society has participated in the following community service events: Painting P Mountain which is a gigantic white p that hangs over Prescott showing of its pride. We had over 50 cadets participate in this event including the freshman who where excited to do it. Well you one day join the fellow few selected and become a member of this national organization?  

Old members of KHHS :
Villani, Henry
Gangi, Richy
Klever, Brandon
Sensmeier, Reagan
Lake, Nakai
Lawhead, Andrew
Handley, Ana ( Former VC of KHHS)
Johnson, Joseph
Silva, Tyler (Former VC of KHHS)
Smith, Cody
Voelkel, Sophia ( Former CC of KHHS)
Anderson, Kaiser
Chrzanowski, Bryan
Handley, Krysta (Former CC of KKHS)
Norkus, Veronica (Former CV of KKHS)
Methvin, Alex

Kitty Hawk

YouTube Video

KHS Society Constitution Final