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Drill Team

“Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. What you do in practice, you will do in performance.”

Drill Team has been Cancelled for the 2014-15 School Year.  Next year's status is still in deliberation.

What is Drill Team?:
One of two Varsity Sports available only to JROTC cadets, Drill Team is the practice and execution of armed and unarmed Air Force drill as well as inspection and competition color guard,  consistent with the highest military appearance, bearing, commitment, conduct, and dedication.

Drill Team Commander: C/ 1st Lt. Henry Villani 
contact by email only:

Meeting dates
Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school from 15:40 to 16:40

Additional practices, extended times, or extra individual one on one may be scheduled during academic prep as directed by the SASI, ASI, or Drill Commander.

Potential Competition Dates: (subject to our level of preparedness pre-competion)

-February 21, West Mitchell Workman Invitational Drill Meet     Phoenix, AZ
                    (invite only? undecided at this time) 
                    if we don't compete this could be a good time to "watch and learn."

-March 28,   El Paso Drill Meet in                      El Paso, TX
                    Navajo Nation Drill Meet in            Pinion, AZ
                    Gallegos Invitational Drill Meet      Phoenix, AZ

-April 11,     Desert Classic Drill Meet                Phoenix, AZ

If you would like to compete in individual competition or as a pair, contact the commander immediately. You (and your partner) must prepare a drill and demonstrate competency with no outstanding unexcused meeting absences, nor disciplinary dismissals to be granted permission.

Weekly Briefing:

External Video Links:

Assorted Rifle Tricks & Movements Instructionals:

Armed Exhibition Example: