First Year/New User Guide

New to the website? Well here's a guide on how to use it!

    Parental/Student Guide
    Suggestion/Contact Information

Section 1
    Parental/Student Guide

    First off welcome to the official Prescott JROTC website. The goal of this website is to fit the needs of all cadets and their families who want or need to use this site for information, papers, classes, and more.

 Subsection 1

    Are you here looking for the dates, times, events, etc...? We have a system that is constantly updated for cadets and families convenience. We use Google Calendars. If you wish to find the next upcoming events with their information you can click SCHEDULE.

Subsection 2

    If you wish to enroll your student into a JROTC course we have a list of classes that is offered under CLASSES. This page includes high detail of information on the classes offered, however enrolling your student into a class cannot be done through this website. 

    In order to enroll into a course you must first be registered with Prescott High School. The student will have to set up and appointment with a counselor in the counselor office. Once there you can tell the counselor the course you want and it will be taken care of from there.

Subsection 3

    Throughout the year a cadet has responsibilities they must be able to handle, and one of those is being able to bring home permission slips that need to be signed or kept a hold of Community Service sheet. Often students have a tendency to lose or forget these sheets, therefore we have a digital copy of almost all paperwork that's needed, in a digital format that can be found under RESOURCES in the sidebar. 

 Subsection 4
We now have the announcements here on the website! If you wish to look at the announcements because you were absent a day or simple just want to read them again, then you can click on ANNOUNCEMENTS.

    The announcements include the information that cadets see daily, such as new rules, simple updates, upcoming events, contact numbers for certain information, and more...!

Subsection 5
    Community Service

    Community service is a must for cadets. Each quarter a cadet is required to do 10 hours of community service. You must fill out a sheet with the date and times you did the activity and have a parent sign it. It also must be turned in on time (due date is specified on CS sheet). To download the community service paper you can go to RESOURCES or COMMUNITY SERVICE

    Note: Community service only counts if you ARE NOT getting paid for it. It also does not count if it is a chore, or helping a friend clean their car, etc... You also may not 'double dip'. This means if you're in NJHS or any other club or program that requires community service, you may not use the same activity for both.

Subsection 6

    Prescott JROTC often times gets into the newspaper, we try to upload news article as we get into them.

Subsection 7

    We upload pictures of events that our cadets have been in, or simply pictures that define the excitement, maturity, teamwork, and friendship of cadets in JROTC.  To send us a picture of cadets or a field trip please send it to us and we will review the picture and possibly upload it.

Section 2
    Suggestion/Contact Information

    You may have noticed in a couple of the subsection included in section one, gives you the option to contact us. It's important you contact the correct people for certain situations.

Subsection 1
    Media Contact

    For contacting us about media (pictures, announcements, news, documents) please contact:

C/2d Lt Rebekah Norris ( IT Commander):

Subsection 2
    Serious Conduct

    For contacting us about any serious situation involving another cadet, silent witness, or any situation that needs to be talked about with an instructor please contact:

Colonel Denny Peeples - Instructor
Cell: (928) 533-8401
Office: (928) 445-2322, Ext. 164

Bill DeKemper - Instructor
Office:  (928) 445-2322, Ext. 164