AS-300 World History



AS-300/1 World History 1 #700835 (S1)
AS-300/1 World History 2 #700836 (S2)

Grade: 9-12
Duration: yearlong
Credit: 1.0 Social Studies credit - This class meets the World History credit standards.
Prerequisite:  none: grade of D or better to continue to semester two
Fee:  $15 t-shirt, club and equipment fee. 

This  World History,  college credit course is taught by the Aerospace Science Leadership Academy (ASLA) of PHS and will also include USAF curriculum of communication, awareness, and leadership. The class begins with ancient civilizations and trace events around the world, including the impact of the world’s major religions, up to the present. An emphasis on cause and effect helps students understand the present knowledge of the past. Students will improve their research skills, turn in formal writing assignments and engage in the analysis of a curriculum of Global and Cultural Studies. ASLA students are allowed to go on free curriculum-in-action field trips. First year students are not required to wear USAF blue uniforms or maintain USAF grooming standards. First year students are  required to wear professional clothing on Thursday, which would be appropriate for a job interview. 2nd, 3rd, 4thyear students wear a designated USAF uniform.  All ASLA students must maintain United States Air Force professional maturity and courtesy standards. Students are required to wear a ‘uniform’ on Thursday only, as directed by the SASI / Principal.