_Corps Goals

2017/18 Goals: 

In JROTC we are required by headquarters to have six goals to better our corps, our school, and our community. (two school, two corps, two community) the following goals below our Prescott High School JROTC AZ-20063 goals for the year 2017-18.

yellow- means goal is in progress 
green- means goal has been completed 
red- means goal has not been started 

Cadet Impact Goals
NLT 9 March 2018, produce a cadet taught academic excellence program based on the COllege Board Top 100 Common SAT/ACT Vocabulary Words to increase the cadet corps' SAT/ACT vocabulary performance.
P.O.C C/2nd Lt  Devault-Harrell  

NLT 1 November 2017, the cadet corps will develop and implement an innovative AS-400 instructional program to teach and lead AS-100 cadets. AS-400s will select curriculum, schedule calendars, instruct classes, create tests and evaluate performance in leadership education and aerospace science curriculum. AS-400s are expected to operate on an adult professional level.
P.O.C C/Maj Pestana 

School Impact Goals
NLT 9 March 2018, cadet corps leadership will develop a marketing plan that allows upper class cadets to teach the Air Force Core Values and educate students at the feeder middle school on the benefits of AFJROTC. The plan will include multiple visits by current cadets to mentor the Life Skills CLasses, StuCo, NJHS and Gym Classes.
P.O.C C/1st Lt Seeley

NLT 1 November 2017, per request from the school principal, the corps will develop and implement an ongoing school-wide recognition program designed to honor scholastic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments.
P.O.C C/Capt Buettner 

Community Impact Goals:
NLT 15 November 2017, per request form Prescott civic leaders. the corps will repaint the "P" on P- mountain that is visible throughout the entire town of Prescott.
P.O.C C/1st Lt Cassidy

NLT 1 March 2018, cadet corps leadership will develop and implement a community outreach plan to assist the food neighbors program (a bi-monthly food drive) for the 2017-2018 school year.
P.O.C C/2nd Lt Peeples