Community Service



Objective: “Teens who volunteer make better grades.” – Parent Institute

Make the world a better place by helping someone who can never pay you back.  

Demonstrate personal initiative, responsibility and good citizenship.


  • All cadets are required to perform 10 hours of community per quarter.

  • Your form must be turned into your FLIGHT BOX by 3:00 PM on the due date for that quarter.

    • We do not accept forms turned in late!!!!!  You have at least 8 weeks to turn in the form.  There is no excuse for being late.

  • Community Service hours for each quarter must be completed between the dates listed below:

    • 1st Quarter:  19 May 2017 to 27 Sep 2017

    • 2nd Quarter: 28 Sep 2017 to 12 Dec 2017

    • 3rd Quarter:  13 Dec 2017 to 27 Feb 2018

    • 4th Quarter:  28 Feb 2018 to 15 May 2018

Community Service Ribbons:  Cadets who perform 10 extra hours of community service during a semester will earn a community service ribbon.  (one ribbon for each extra 10 hours).


  • Community service hours are not to benefit you or your family (no family chores), they are to help others (school, community, etc.)

    • To determine is something qualifies as community service, ask yourself the following:

      • Did it benefit me or my family?

      • Did I get paid?

    • If the answer is “NO” to both questions, it probably qualifies as community service.

    • If you still aren’t sure, ask your instructor.

Looking for events to get community service?  Click SCHEDULE to see what's coming up.

Click the link below to print off a community service form.