Significant Life Lessons

This page is an anonymous summary of Significant Life Lessons (SLL) written by students at Prescott High School. The only personalization of the SLL are the indication of male / female (M/F) and the age of the student, (15, 16). Students were presented with the following assignment: 


Think about what all has happened to you in your life, good & bad.

Think about what you have seen, heard and experienced.

Think about people you have known or known about and what they have done, good & bad.

Think about the choices you have made and the choices you have seen other people make.

Then…. list your significant life lessons.

Significant Life Lessons

  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 16  are …

  • Good grades come from dedication, hard work, and studying. Being lazy and procrastinating causes more stress later, and will not get you far in life.

  • Be proactive and plan for the future. From as little as studying for the test next week, to what college you're attending. Set goals, and work to achieve them.

  • Making bad choices can affect the rest of your life. I have made a lot of bad choices, whether it being choosing the wrong class to take, or staying out after curfew on a field trip. All of my choices have affected me in some way, and I have learned from them.

  • Learn from your mistakes. It is crucial in order to improve yourself. You need to be able to admit you made a mistake, instead of blaming others.

  • Be respectful. It will earn respect from others, and maintain positive relationships with them.

  • Forgive. Grudges can cause pain, and they keep us stuck in the past. Forgiving others helps us grow.

  • Persevere. You will go through many hardships in life, but fight through it. Do not give up when something becomes difficult. It builds character and tests your strength. And I know things are going to get harder as life goes on, it is just the beginning.

  • Be Responsible. I makes you more reliable and mature.

  • Finally, a quote by Dr. Suess, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” We take some things for granted, and we don’t know their value until they are gone, so know the important things in life, and keep them around.


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a male at age 16 are …

  • Everyone can mess up no one is perfect and you can’t expect everything to be that way.

  • Family is the most important thing you can have this age you should keep them as close as possible

  • No matter how bad things get there is always a bright path ahead it just may not the way you want

  • The darkness within isn’t who you are it's just a form of a person you could’ve been but aren’t

  • Always keep your head up

  • Stay looking ahead if you want to look back look at how far you’ve come not the mistakes

  • You can’t save the world but you can try your hardest to help those who really need it

  • Dating isn’t the most important thing in life right now stay on top of school before you think of doing that

  • Just be yourself because no one else can be

  • Marching to your own drummer  is not a bad thing it's the best thing ever you are you and that's the best thing ever

  • Don’t think just because things are bad right now that they always will be

  • Don’t worry about what others think of you because you are the most important thing to yourself don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  • You can master everything you put your mind to so don’t stress

  • Laugh and joke around for as long as you can with people who are really close to you because they will always be there for you

  • Listen to the teacher and don’t talk back because you think you know better ask politely

  • Value history not only of your family but the world because everyone has their own perspective

  • Don’t be afraid to make hard choices because that's when the most growth happens

  • Take the path less traveled don’t follow everyone else because it's not always the best way to go

  • Be proactive don’t just sit and wait for the due date to come up and barely get it done have it done days before   

  • Listen to the advice of teachers because they are there to help you not hurt you

  • Nothing is as bad as you think everything changes

  • Being over dramatic gets you nowhere


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 15  are …

  • Always tell the truth, even if it hurts someone you love.

  • Be true to yourself and others, don’t be fake.

  • Don’t think that you are to good for the Lord,  I mean come one, he created you.

  • Love all neighbors, hate the sin but not the sinner.

  • Staying connected to God, and your life will be full of joy and happiness.

  • Be determined, don’t give up, keep moving forward no matter what everyone has to say.

  • Be professional and never look down on another.

  • Respect all adults (mom, grandparents)

  • Family is important and friends are important too.

  • Relationships are just like more homework, and God knows I don’t need anymore of that.

  • Don’t procrastinate, STUDY


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a male at age 16  are …

  • Don’t procrastinate (too much)

  • Use time in school to do homework

  • Always try your hardest, at least in things that matter

  • Put family first

  • Work hard, play harder

  • When you are put in a situation where you have to make a decision, think about the right course of action if possible

  • Always think about stuff before you do it

  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

  • Treat others like you want to be treated, or they will treat you bad also

  • Try to take initiative whenever possible, it makes you look better than everyone else

  • You have to follow before you can lead

  • No one is 100% perfect but it is our job to be at least 50% perfect

  • Grades in school are important, but the are not the most important thing ever

  • Don’t get mad unless it helps the situation, and it hardly ever helps

  • Being active in life is beneficial in every way possible

  • No one likes a complainer

  • Everyone screws up but not everyone learns from it

  • Wooden pencils are far superior to plastic ones

  • Don’t worry about having a girlfriend because they all suck anyway

  • Good friends will do anything for you so you should try to do anything for them

  • Never forget who you are and who you want to be, and that everything you do now will have an impact on your future self.


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 16  are …

  • Stay on track

  • Stay Educated

  • Stay Focused  

  • Plan ahead

  • Solve problem not create them

  • Remind myself of things

  • Look for improvement


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a male at age 17  are …

Not everybody loves Titanic as much as I do.

  • Opinions are a strong idea, and in many times me pushing my opinions on others, or refusing to accept theirs has created more problems than it has solutions. I had to accept that if I’m going to have people that like to be around me, I needed to be less pushy and more respectful, even if it took me several years.

Small hours are more important than long days.

  • I’ve started looking back on my precious memories with the people who I love, and realised that the few that I have are small in time by large in significance. For example, I’ve spent more hours watching TV than I can count, and a matter of days in Disneyland with my family, but I remember and care about the few days in Disney more than I do about the countless hours spent doing trivial things. The saddest part is knowing that those memories are spent and can never be recreated again. All I can do is try to enjoy every moment that I spend doing something I love with the people I love to make the memories better.

People on Facebook kind of suck.

  • I feel like social media has caused me to have a more cynical outlook on life than I would care to admit. Since I was 13, this is where I’ve gotten most of my worldly information. It was fine, until I realised that this world is full of terrible people. It’s a wonderful world, but the people living on it are not so much. I’m still a pretty optimistic person, and I think that’s because I’ve learned to overcome the negative that I see everyday and try to look at what things could be like if we tried harder. Hope is a very important thing, more so than most other ideals.

Holding grudges is immature

  • In middle school, I learned what holding a grudge meant. I think that had to have been a very important point in my life, honestly, because, being easily angered, I learned to hold some pretty long-lasting grudges. But I learned that if I just forgave or forgot, life was much easier. It doesn’t mean I have to be friends with everybody, because there are still people I really don’t care for, but I’ve definitely become a healthier person since I decided to stop holding small things against people for long periods of time.

Everyone is bias, some more so than others

  • I’m a biased person toward pretty much everything, it’s impossible not to be. However, what I’ve learned is to not let my bias, however large or small, get in the way of important decisions, especially professional ones. But I have also noticed that there are a lot of people who don’t control their bias very well, whether it be teachers or friends or family. There isn’t much I can do except try and not let it affect me, because it’s part of human nature. But I won’t lie, it does make me pretty angry, especially when I see it in a professional setting.


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a male at age 16  are …

  • Listen more than you speak

  • To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be rude

  • Express thanks

  • Be happy

  • Politeness is always welcome

  • Listen to your elders

  • Step out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised

  • Learn to fail

  • Life is a choice

  • Create your own opportunities

  • Learn to follow first

  • Stay humble always

  • Follow through on all commitments

  • Keep your word

  • God, then family, then school

  • Plan ahead

  • Plan for the unexpected

  • Be flexible

  • Volunteer much

  • Establish a firm foundation before branching out

  • All in or all out, all the time

  • Maintain peace within yourself

  • Be patient

  • Get sharp, stay sharp

  • Character first

  • Recognize what you have control over and leave everything else along

  • Don’t wait to be told what to do

  • Never get bored

  • Put others before yourself

  • Sometimes it’s okay to be a little selfish


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 17  are …

  • Cherish every moment; you never know when your last will come

  • Live in the present; living in the past only causes regret, hurt, and missed opportunities.  There is no future in the past.  Living in the future causes you to never achieve your goals and to never enjoy the special moments in life.

  • Never forget.  Never forget the good times nor the bad times; the goods times are what keeps you going when things get rough; they remind you that things can always get better.  The bad times act as a reminded of where you went wrong; they provide you with examples of mistakes that you can learn from; they remind you of what never to return to.

  • Meet as many people as possible; the more people you know, the better your understanding of the world will be.  You can also learn for their success as well as their failure; you can learn something from anybody.

  • Step outside your comfort zone; you will never truly know if you like something until you try.  That being said, there are also things to be avoided; you can use other people’s past experiences to guide you away from poor decision making and to keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • Make the most of what you’ve got.

  • It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you go; you have no control over where you came from.  What you do have control of, however, is what you do and where you go with what you’ve got.  It also matters why you do something; if you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, then the outcome may not end up being as good as it could have been if your heart was in it.

  • My Significant Life Lessons as a male at age 16  are …

  • Continue loving god

  • Be a great friend

  • Be an aeronautical engineer

  • Continue my good relationship with my mom

  • Strengthen my relationship with my dad

  • Be a good student

  • Go to college

  • Join the Airforce

  • Be a good husband

  • Be a good father

  • Always remember to be a great leader

  • Donate to charities

  • Make enough money to support my family

  • Keep my great friends

  • Throw away my not so great friends

  • Focus on making myself great before making others great

  • Always be there for my kids

  • Always be there for my wife

  • Always be there for my parents

  • Always be there for my sisters

  • Remember to be strong if something happens

  • Always be myself


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 16  are …

  • Always stay true to yourself: Just do you, you know what you believe and don’t believe, it’s honestly already a part of who you are. Don’t do what everyone else is doing just because everyone is doing it.

  • Be strong willed: Don’t let others derail you from your goals, stick with things even when they are hard. Know how to let go.

  • Work hard: Always put your best effort forward. Excuse my french but don’t half ass things. Give 110% or don’t do it at all.

  • Don’t take life too seriously: Work hard, play hard. Have fun with things, try to balance out the hard work with humor.

  • Travel: Meet people, get out in the world, experience other cultures, open yourself to the world.

  • Intelligence is much more than just the grade on your transcript: Remember that knowing facts doesn’t mean you’re smart, things like being able to listen to others, being compassionate and demonstrating knowledge rather than just stating it proves intelligence.

  • Positivity can get you a long way: Looking on the brightside and being hopeful about things is the key to staying on track. Even in the worst of the worst positivity can make a huge difference.


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 16  are …

  • Enjoy God

  • Have fulfilling work

  • Serve others

  • Eat good food

  • Enjoy the company of others

  • Explore the outdoors

  • Have respect for others and your work

  • Work with a purpose

  • Have meaningful relationships

  • Refine your habits (spring cleaning!)

  • Weird is not normal, Don’t be normal

  • Opportunities offer experience

  • A good sense of humor is imperative

  • Exercise/Sports are healthy, fun and challenging

  • Always ask questions (unless it’s to your mom)

  • Travel

  • Grudges cause pain

  • Passion drives leadership

  • Risk expands the ideas of right and wrong

  • Don’t cheat on important things

  • Know when to speak

  • Even if your argument is false, make it sound logical

  • Do  not respond out of anger

  • Wisdom is knowing how to use your knowledge

  • Responsibility makes you reliable

  • Intuition is probably your best bet

  • Have a good job and love what you do

  • Money does not make the man, the man makes the money

  • Have a broad plan for the future, add the details as they become relevant

  • Spend time with yourself

  • Money is something to save

  • Your beliefs should act as a filter to your life

  • The little moments are the ones we remember

  • We can only be guided so far, from there we must learn by ourselves

  • Know your limits

  • Embrace failure

  • Friendships are never planned

  • Keep setting goals

  • Be involved

  • Know how to take care of yourself

  • Animals are great companions


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 15 are …

  • Don’t listen to gossip, it is almost never true:  People lie, so not everything is true.

  • Always pay attention in class, instead trying to learn the content by yourself:  It’s always easier to learn than to teach, so listen.

  • Do your homework, your grades will actually improve:  People who have bad grades almost always don’t do their homework.


  • Listen to your parents, they are smarter, wiser, and older than you:  They know what they’re talking about, they have more experience.

  • Don’t let others make big life choices for you, they are yours:  Make your choices for yourself.

  • Make yourself great, don’t rely on someone else to do it for you:  The only way to guarantee your greatness is for you determine it.

  • Family is most important:  Friends and boyfriends can fade away, but family is forever.

  • Don’t let people bring you down, because then you’ll never get back up:  You have to be a strong person, or else people will walk all over you.

  • It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you don’t do it again:  Just fix it.

  • Grades aren’t everything, but they are still important:  Grades can determine your future.

  • Don’t let your parents decide what you do in life, that’s your choice:  They want great things for you, but they don’t decide what you do.

  • Your life is your life, and no one can change it but you:  You are the only person in charge of your life.


  • My Significant Life Lessons as a female at age 16  are …

  • One of my significant goals is to have a positive attitude in every situation because I believe that life is truly what you  make it so if you are excited and willing to do something not-so-fun it can be better than if you are complaining about it the entire time.

  • Another goal of mine is to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. This is important to me because I value education very highly and I want to get into a good college and have a great career.

  • Next, I want to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can while working to achieve my goals. I don't want to be working so hard I forget what really matters in life, because when you lose sight of the important things in life you wont be very happy.

  • I want to be able to be flexible because without being able to think on your feet and change plans at a moments notice things will be very difficult and stressful.

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail