Cadet Corps Calendar

View all upcoming event's, field trips  and exciting things to look forward to. If you need to find a way to get community service hours then this is the location you need to check in order to such activity's. If there is an event coming up that is not uploaded on the calendar that you know about, please go to the contact page and inform someone.
Note: The Cadet Corps Calendar is being updated daily and affect the entire cadet corps but does not have class assignments. Cadets should also reference their Class Calendar via Classes / Assignment Calendars

2016-2017 JROTC Calendar

DP: Col Peeples
DK: Lt Col DeKemper
CC: Corps Commander
CV: Corps Vice Commander
LG: Logistics 
IT: Information Technology 
MS: Missions 
OP: Operations 
TM: Teams 
CS:  Community Service Event/Opportunity 
CG: Color Guard
HG: Honor Guard
FC: Flight Commander
Mtg: Meeting